We're ok...hope you are too!
A status update and ways to help
22 February, 2021 by
We're ok...hope you are too!
Michele Johnson
Dear Spectrum Customers, 
I wanted to reach out to thank you. You all have been so patient and understanding with us during the craziness that literally shutdown the state of Texas this past week. 
Our entire team is grateful for your patience, thoughts and prayers. We have had messages come in from our community of suppliers, partners and clients from all over the globe. This has meant so much to us.
We are based in Harris county, the largest county in Texas, and the third largest in the country. Many of us had power outages ranging from a few hours to almost 56 hours. Many on the Spectrum team were without water for several days and all of us remain under a boil water notice. 
Here in Houston, the ice has now melted. But it leaves behind a cold, hard reality of the many inequities that plague our great country. There are many in Houston that cannot afford to feed their families during an already trying time. Others have had their homes damaged because of burst pipes and no place to go. Some have sadly lost loved ones.
You may be familiar with Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, something that is taught to most high school students. The principle being that certain basic needs have to be met before you are able to move up to other needs on the pyramid. These very basic needs―which he called physiological―are air, food, water, clothes, shelter and sleep. I can say as someone in a place of privilege, these are not things I have generally had to worry about. But, for others this has been a daily struggle. It is a struggle that has become exponentially bigger due to the pandemic―and now to the current aftermath of this winter storm. 
As an industry, we have gone through many changes this year. Through each we have continued the spirit of supporting one another and I hope you can join us in supporting the Houston Food Bank―an organization that works tirelessly to help fill one of the most basic of needs.
We will be donating 5,000 dollars to the Houston Food Bank in cash and in in-kind donations of PPE supplies. We welcome your help.
If you would like to join us in our efforts please click here to donate.

Chandani and the Spectrum Team
We're ok...hope you are too!
Michele Johnson 22 February, 2021
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