Protect the teams protecting us
14 April, 2020 by
Michele Johnson

Prior to the World Health Organization proclaiming Covid-19 a global pandemic, Spectrum Uniforms was already taking swift action to secure high demand products for clients. We have been able to work closely with our supply chain to react quickly to source products that meet or exceed industry and FDA guidelines. Our company has been FDA certified for over 20 years and remains committed to work only with reputable and trusted manufacturers. 

  • We will donate 8,000 pieces of medical scrubs to local area healthcare workers most impacted.

  • We will slash prices on over 100,000 scrub pieces to below cost so healthcare workers can treat these low cost scrubs as disposable if necessary.

  • We will offer a 10% savings on our line of Antimicrobial Lab Coat,

  • We pledge to only offer products that adhere to all FDA and other regulatory guidelines. And to offer these products at a cost that places a priority on people not profits.


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Michele Johnson 14 April, 2020
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