Quality healthcare apparel and products at economical pricing. 

The Spectrum story is one that began 30 years ago and continues to add new chapters. Our commitment to providing quality products and craftsmanship is reflected in the tried and true steps we have established in our manufacturing process. 

Each new scrub begins with skilled artisans who design functional yet fashionable styles to meet the ever changing demands of the growing healthcare apparel market. The raw materials selected for each brand line is carefully sourced and goes through a thorough and thoughtful process of weaving into greige (yes, it's spelled that way!) fabric.

This fabric is then safely stored until it is ready to be dyed to consistently match the appropriate color options. Once dyed and dried, the fabric is received by our factories, where talented production teams create each style to order. Spectrum's manufacturing process is carried out through many global partnerships--all whom adhere to the  strictest standards when it comes to pay, health and safety standards.