Medical Programs: How You Can Help
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28 October, 2020 by
Medical Programs: How You Can Help
Kelsie Gates

Spectrum has always worked hard to find innovative ways to stay on top in the medical markets. It is an essential industry that has grown significantly and will continue to grow for years.


If your clients haven’t heard about our newest scrub line called WYND, they’re missing out - and you are too. Available in 3 colors in men and women's styles, WYND scrubs have antimicrobial properties from a treatment that deflects pathogens and E. coli bacteria, and are 99.9% effective for up to 26 washes. After 26 washes, its effectiveness only decreases to 99.1% which is fantastic. Spectrum’s goal was to design a high quality, comfortable, and effective product that would be comparable to popular name brand scrubs, but for 25-30% cheaper.


Did you know we’ve also manufactured antimicrobial lab coats for over 8 years?


So how can you use this to start a scrub program or medical program for your clients? 


  • Look for clues based on which clients you’ve provided PPE for this year. Not only should you be looking for who is in the medical industry, but focus on who is in your network that may be involved with Covid-19 testing sites, local government organizations, state government organizations, spas―the list goes on. 

  • If you know someone in the medical industry that you’ve sold PPE to this year, find out who’s in charge of their scrub program and do some research on how you can help them. 

  • You’ll have the advantage of offering a quality scrub at a lower cost than your competitors, while continuing to provide an attractive profit margin for yourself. Spectrum has truly great scrubs for a great value. Our scrubs are extremely durable, comfortable, and fantastic quality.

  • Talk to our Sales Reps about what kind of scrub programs you’re looking into, and how we can help.


Medical Programs: How You Can Help
Kelsie Gates 28 October, 2020
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