What Makes Spectrum's UltraSoft scrubs so ultra soft?
22 February, 2022 by
What Makes Spectrum's UltraSoft scrubs so ultra soft?
Michele Johnson

The answer is simple: our fabric is made of a high-quality 65/35 poly-cotton blend and goes through a brushing process. The industry term is brushed poly-cotton―we call ours "ultra-brushed poly-cotton".

Let’s explain more…

When it comes to textiles, there is nothing more basic than cotton, yet the soft and smooth feel of this fabric is one that is hard to beat. On its own, it is a very breathable, light, cool fabric. But, as a uniform (such as a scrub) it is subject to rip easily. Polyester, on the other hand, is more tear-resistant and durable. Together, they are blended to obtain the maximum advantages of both fibers in one fabric. You could almost say it is like the doctor and nurse dynamics. Each brings together their best strengths to make a strong duo. 

Poly-cotton fabric comfort can be enhanced through the process known as “brushing”. Think of it this way: All poly-cotton is poly-cotton, but not all poly-cotton can be called brushed poly-cotton. To earn this distinction, it has to go through the brushing process.


The process for making this fabric starts with spinning raw plant fibers into threads, then weaving them together into a cloth which will be gently rubbed down by fine-toothed metal brushes that raises the fibers, making the fibers expand. This in turn generates a fabric that is smooth and satin-like and is incredibly comfortable and breathable against the skin.

Don’t zone out on us yet. There is a bit more to hear.

The fabric used to create Spectrum’s UltraSoft Scrubs is indeed brushed. But, remember when we said not all poly-cotton can be called brushed poly-cotton? This is where we set ourselves apart from many of our competitors who skip this extra step (or even the brushed step). Simply put, we take it to another level, and that is why we call our fabric ultra-brushed. The process is the same, but more time and labor are involved in the process and the results are what sets us apart from others. This process of ultra-brushing does not alter the durability of the fabric. You will still get a vibrant scrub that will retain its color wash-after-wash (another post for another time). It may even get softer, but we don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Sounds amazing, right? It is.

All this talk isn’t just fluff (or cotton-fluff if you want to get technical). Our UltraSoft Scrubs, in side-by-side comparisons with popular scrub brands of the same fabric blend, feel smoother and softer―and at price points that are comparable or even less. How often does an apparel item (scrubs, again for instance) look amazing online in photos, but once received falls way (way!) short of your expectations? They fall short in quality, craftsmanship, and in fabric appeal. Where others often visually over-promise and under-deliver, Spectrum's UltraSoft scrubs have the distinction of being even better IRL (hip terminology to appeal to key demographics).


So why not try a pair of Spectrum's UltraSoft scrubs today? You won't be disappointed! Ask your scrub supplier to request a sample for you or your team, or reach out to us to find a retailer. And if you are a reseller reading this and you haven’t been introduced to UltraSoft Scrubs, we challenge you to register on our website and order samples today.

Sell Sheet for UltraSoft Scrubs

What Makes Spectrum's UltraSoft scrubs so ultra soft?
Michele Johnson 22 February, 2022
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